16 July 2021 | The BFP-BARMM unveils its milestone as it conducted the Turn over of command of OCM Fire station to the Cotabato Central Fire Station and the Relinquishment and Assumption of Several MFM’s and key Officers.The event was spearheaded and attended by BFP-BARMM Regional Director SSUPT JERRY C LAMANERO and SUPT JERANIEL C TAPORCO, CINSP ANDAL M SAWIL, CINSP ROSEMARIE Q JUMALON, CINSP LUCILLE M BANAC, SINSP CHRISTEL G SOTELO, SINSP GREGORIO D ARTIEDA, SINSP NASSEEF D BAKONG, INSP LEVIE FRITZ B LUSTAN, INSP ZULFICAR A CASERES, and INSP HOMBRA B MASUKAT.The ceremony began with an opening remarks delivered by SUPT JERANIEL TAPORCO followed by the reading of Regional Order for the transfer of direct supervision and control over OCM Fire Station to Cotabato City Fire Station The program ended with a symbolic turn over of command and giving of certificate of recognition to several deserving officers Headed by the Regional Director of BFP-BARMM SSUPT JERRY C LAMANERO, DSC.