19 AUGUST 2021

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

BFP-BARMM under the leadership of SSUPT JERRY C LAMANERO, DSC conducted tree planting activity held at Purok Torejon, Poblacion Uno, Cotabato City (Near Delta Bridge).

Planting trees vastly improves the quality of our natural surroundings. Forests and copses of trees reduce the risks of soil erosion, enhance the water quality in streams and ponds, and protect groundwater supplies. Without vegetation, rain is either absorbed by the soil or runs off into streams as surface drainage

The activity is part of commemoration of Fire Service for it’s 30th Anniversary, Trees represents growth, life and nature where BFP-BARMM plays a vital part in the growth of the institution and touches every lives for the safety and security.