01 JULY 2022

BFP-BARMM spearheaded by Regional Director CSUPT JERRY C LAMANERO (DSC) together with ARD for Administration SSUPT KADIL T ACALUL, Regional Chief of Staff, SSUPT CLINT S CHA along with other Commissioned Officers participated in the Simultaneous Nationwide Oath-Taking Ceremony of the Eighty (80) Newly-Absorbed Fire Officer One (FO1) and Eight (08) Newly-Promoted Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) of BFP-BARMM via Zoom hosted by BFP-CAR.

It was then followed by the donning of ranks to the newly-promoted personnel. The ceremony concluded through a warm message rendered by Regional Director CSUPT JERRY C LAMANERO (DSC) to the Eighty (80) Fire Officer 1 for successfully passing the stages of the recruitment process and also a congratulatory message to the Eight (08) Non-commissioned Officers for being promoted to their respective next higher rank.