04 JUNE 2021

The Chief, Bureau of Fire Protection FDIR JOSE SEGUNDO EMBANG JR, DSC visits Bureau of Fire Protection BARMM.

BFP-BARMM under the leadership of SSUPT JERRY C LAMANERO, DSC welcomes the Chief, Bureau of Fire Protection together with CSUPT PURACAN, SSUPT TRADIO, CINSP CASTELO, INSP PALERMO, FO3 Cardenas, and the region XII Regional Director, SSUPT VALDEZ together with CINSP LEGASTE and SINSP VISITACION.

The whole RegionaL Headquarters was shown to the Chief BFP including the important equipment that the BFP-BARMM has specially the HAZMAT Truck.

The BFP-BARMM hazmat Truck is a vehicle containing SPECIALIZED equipment being used whenever there are HAZMAT related incidents. The truck is also manned by a BFP-BARMM Personnel SPECIALLY Trained in handling HAZMAT and CBRNE incidents.