06 JULY 2022

The Reception Rites, a time-honored tradition that has been long upheld in the uniformed service, of the Eighty (80) Newly-Absorbed Fire Officer One (FO1) was conducted by BFP-BARMM spearheaded by Regional Director CSUPT JERRY C LAMANERO (DSC) that was also graced by Commissioned, Non-Commissioned Officers and Tactical Group, with the special presence of Engr Sukarno B Datukan, Upi Agricultural School Administrator, held at Nuru Upi, Maguindanao.

This is a welcome ceremony as they undergo their 45-Day Recruit Orientation Program that marks the beginning of their journey as the new breed of firefighters, transforming their civilian mentality into real men/women in uniform.

This highlights the BFP-BARMM’s ultimate goal and commitment to producing competent and exemplary Fire Officer One that will be an integral part of building a fire-safe nation.